How not to write a press release

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How not to Write a Press Release

Several years ago, when I was working for an agency, I was fired from an account. What that means is the client didn’t want me writing for him anymore.

Another writer, a friend of mine, got the account and life went on.

Of course, I was pretty upset by the situation. But even moving on to a different project and coming back a few hours later will help it sound “fresh” to you.Read it again. Do you still find it interesting now that it’s about someone else?

Put it away for at least 24 hours. Don’t look at it. Don’t even think about it.After the 24 hours is up, pull it out and read it.

And she was right. (She kept the account after all.) The client wanted an “I’m so great” press release. He didn’t want something that might actually result in coverage for him. He wanted something that would make him feel good when he read it.

In the world of public relations, press releases are the explorers. They travel far and wide, visiting media outlets everywhere, and presenting information about your products and services. Media people decide whether or not to cover your business based in large part on those hard-working press releases.

Interrogate them if you must. “Why will the media like you? What do you offer that’s different than any other press release? What’s so special about you? Why will someone want to read more about you?” Don’t allow their pretty words to influence you. You must get to the truth. Chances are what seduces you probably won’t seduce the media.

Sounds easy, right? Well, if it was that easy, there wouldn’t be so many “Look at me — I’m so great” press releases running amuck out there.

Unfortunately, the “I’m so great” press releases are seductive. They sound so good when you read them. They whisper things like: “Of course the editors will want to write about me. I would make a wonderful human interest/special feature/business feature story.

Didn’t I just see a story like this about my competitor/another business last week?”

You need to be on your guard when one of these ideas shows up. Question them.So, there’s a lot riding on them. Therefore, it pays to take a little extra time to make sure they’re outfitted correctly for the job.When you get an idea for a press release, ask yourself this question: “Is this something someone else would be interested in or is this something only I (and maybe my mother) would want to read?”

Remember, media people are looking for an angle or a story that would interest their readers. They want to know things like: “What’s in it for my readers? Why will my readers care about this piece of information?”

If you can answer those questions correctly, then you have an excellent chance of getting the coverage you’re looking for.

Creativity Exercises — Write a newsworthy press release

The only way to get better at recognizing a good press release is to practice writing them.

Start by writing what you think is a good press release.I said: “But what you’ve written isn’t that newsworthy. I don’t think the newspaper will accept it.”She said: “That’s not what the client wants. Therefore, I don’t worry about it.”

Ask yourself this question:

“Is this something someone else would be interested in or is this something only I (and maybe my mother) would want to read?”

Really ponder the question. Don’t let yourself answer it too quickly.

Still feel like it’s newsworthy? Then try this exercise. Replace all the references to you and your product with another business and product. I recommend inserting a business that is not one of your competitors. Use the Find/Replace function on your word processing software to make this a quick and easy process.

Put your release away again. If you can wait another 24 hours, all the better. I had completed several writing projects already for that client, which had seemed to go well, and had just finished a press release when I got the boot.My writer friend told me later her “secret” for making this client happy. Basically, what she did was rewrite the press release so it focused solely on the client and the client’s business.

It’s tough to view your business objectively. Fortunately, this is a skill that will get easier the more you do it.

Demystifying the auditor’s gathering of evidence: part one

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Demystifying the Auditor’s Gathering of Evidence: Part One

The result of a company’s daily transaction of business is summarized in the financial statements. In these statements, we can see how established the company is, if it is earning or not, and if it is using its resources well. As such, the preparation of the financial statements is a complete managerial responsibility. Just because the management has absolute control on the data presented in the financial statements, the users, such as creditors and government regulatory bodies, cannot put a high reliance on it. This is the reason why CPA’s are hired to conduct audits.

The auditor’s responsibility is to express an мнение as to whether the financial statements are presented in accordance with certain criteria, usually generally accepted accounting principles. As part of the process, the auditor has the primary objective of detecting material understatements or overstatements embodied in the financial statements. Different situations call for different approach; unfortunately, there are no fast rules that can be readily applied to all situations. However, there are some generalizations made to guide the auditor in obtaining evidence, and these principles affect both the competence and sufficiency of evidence.

In order to do so, the auditor gathers evidence to provide an adequate basis for his мнение. To guide the auditor in performing the activity, the Auditing Standards and Practices Council (ASPC) issued Statement of Auditing Standards of the Philippines (SASP) No. 7 – Audit Evidence and Documentation. In this statement, the third standard of fieldwork is laid: “Sufficient competent evidential matter is to be obtained through inspection, observation, inquiries, and confirmations to afford a reasonable basis for an мнение regarding the financial statements under examination.” It could be noted that the evidential matter should be “sufficient” and “competent.” What constitute sufficiency and competence of evidence is a question that constantly perplexes the auditor in planning and performing the audit.

Insolvency advice for companies in solihull

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Insolvency advice for companies in Solihull

Solihull is a large town in the West Midlands. It is 9 miles south east of Birmingham. It is regarded as one of the most prosperous towns in the midlands. It has a population of over 95,000.

This enables the company to continue in business but stops all creditors from taking action which could prejudice the survival of the company. Companies in and around Solihull have been using this procedure since 1986.Administration

To carry on trading whilst insolvent can lead to accusations of wrongful trading which can make a director personally liable for losses of the company.

There are three main types of insolvency procedure which can help a limited company which is insolvent.

CVL or Creditors Voluntary Liquidation

This is where a company in Solihull calls a meeting of it’s creditors to advise them that it is insolvent and as prudent directors they have to close the company to stop any further loses from occurring. This is a simple procedure and will be well known to company directors. In a CVL it may be possible for the directors of the business to purchase the assets and viable business from the Liquidator. Many businesses in Solihull have been helped by such a mechanism.

CVA or Company Voluntary Arrangement

This is a solution whereby the company which is essentially viable offers to pay back to it’s creditors a set amount in the ? of money owed, over a period of time, which is usually 3 – 5 years.Help With Debt helps companies with debt problems through this worrying time.Companies up and down the country are struggling to make ends met and get through the recession. Companies and Business based in Solihull are no different.Businesses in Solihull which are insolvent need to take proper insolvency advice and may need to cease to trade.

The administration procedure is now a tool used quite frequently by businesses in Solihull to close down one company and pre-pack the assets of the old business to a new company, whilst preserving the value of the business. It maintains employment and creates a viable new entity whilst at the same time delivering a better return to creditors than might otherwise be the case.

All these company debt solutions are available to business owners on Solihull and advice on which is best for your insolvent company is only a phone call away.

Is to provide a regular income daily

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Case in point; look at the sometimes wildly funny gimmicks TV advertisers use in their TV ads. They are crazy for a reason. If the viewer grins or even chuckles a bit, it creates an instant bond with the product. When people are actually laughing, that’s powerful.

Is to provide a regular income daily

It has long been commented that one of the best ways to keep loyal visitors returning to a website Is to provide a regular daily Joke at the top. It’s a brilliant marketing secret that мастер salespeople already know.

Your reviewers and readers win because of the fresh daily warm and fuzzies. Whole look wins, because it becomes greater noticed. In fact, why be stingy. Spread all five Daily Jokes around your website.

If the website runs on a semi automated mode, or is managed by an expensive webmaster, this can be the stopper preventing the inclusion of daily humor on the site.

In a very unique way, humor website has come up with a win, win, win solution for everybody. At the top of the site is a link to a small piece of code which will put a tidy neat daily Quote, Riddle, Answer, etc., bit of humor on your site which is updated automatically every day.

What’s so unique about it is that the humor Dailies are completely free and are also completely free of ads, banners, or other annoying effects. Likewise, there are no sign ups, logins, or other annoying requirements required. The only concession for Whole look is that a small logo for appears in the Daily which links to Whole look if you click on it.

You win because you have valuable new content for your website. In particular, they might be inclined to pass the news about the product, or your website to their friends. The problem for web owners is one of finding appropriate material. Obviously long jokes won’t do, It need to be quick and simple to get the viewer buzzing but not off the topic of your website or newsletter. The other problem is the constant daily chore of posting it to the website. Keep your viewers laughing.

As a bonus Whole look has also provided the images it uses as samples for each of the assorted types of Dailies in such a way that you can simply cut and past any of the images at the top or bottom of your business and personal emails as attention getters and/or ‘you’re a class act’ revealer. You can use the same image as part of the bedded message in your email header or footer, or use a different Daily every send by sticking it in.

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